StartUp Diary – A Tale of Failure. I am trying to learn business especially startups for a long time!

With continuous failure I learned, I am a great survivor like Bear Gayle’s! Every day faces painful challenges and no one helps. More ever, try to backstab! So I become a wrestler like The Rock!

StartUp Diary – A Tale of Failure 1

In a country like us where 65 percent are youth and it could be dangerous to tell only become entrepreneurs. We need great professionals to do jobs. The traditional businessman also needed it. The startup journey is for only .1 percent of people I believe…

It’s a mindset and a crazy Job to be done with huge Money & Failure.

With 13 years of a corporate job, business experience with a start-up journey like 3 years, I think I should share my experience in a nutshell to help the youth. If 1 only 1 is getting help from my endeavor this will be my reward for hard works.

For those who don’t know me, I am Shariful Alam Pavel. With the experience I mentioned above I have 2 master’s degrees, 1 professional degree, training in Business. I am graduated from Y Combinator startup school, locally attend a pre-acceleration program on startup with a good failure, now in a global acceleration program on startup.

My own startup is and I moved it very slowly. With all my learning from great Bangladeshi startup people and international Mentors, personal experience I decided to share my personal knowledge to help other Founders next 8 weeks. Hope You all will be a part of this journey. And the best one will be rewarded especially.

Today’s take out from StartUp Diary –

1. Startup is not for all.

2. Never run out of cash.

3. If your co-founder never with you left his job or money, that start-up must fail.

4. It’s not a romantic idea or fancy game. It’s the hardest way and most painful journey.

Stay tuned and enlighten me with your opinion.

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